Special Services

130 Valley Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456
Phone: 973-962-7063 ext. 32
Fax: 973-962-0362

 As individuals working with students with special needs it is our responsibility to be agents of change. We all must advocate for our students through ongoing, respectful, two-way communication to develop strong relationships. These relationships should be forged out of the shared love and desire to see the children of Ringwood succeed. Life will throw us many curveballs but they are simply challenges for us to reframe and remind us what it is we are grateful for and move forward. Family is paramount, and a pillar that allows us to remain focused on the positive. I am grateful to consider the Ringwood community as part of my extended family. I encourage you all to share the responsibility to respectfully advocate for our children and remain focused on the positive.

~ Mr. Steven Fiedeldey, Director of Special Services for Ringwood Public Schools