Thank you for taking the time to view our frequently asked questions. We hope you find the answer you are looking for here. If you still have a question, please reach out to us. Maybe there are others wondering the same thing and we may add your question and the answer to this page of helpful information.


Is there any sort of orientation for parents and students?
There sure is. In the spring we hold two orientations. One is held during the school day for our incoming 6th grade students and the other is held in the evening for the parents of these students.

In addition to these, in August 2020, a video describing the program for the start of the school year was released that answered many questions students and parents might have had. To view that video CLICK HERE.

Where can I find the student handbook?
Our student handbook is posted right here on our website. You can access it by clicking "Explore", then "Ryerson", then "Student Resources". 

Where can I access links to the Student Portal, assessment websites, and the online resources for my classes?Just about all of these can be found on the "Student Resources" page which you can access it by clicking "Explore", then "Ryerson", then "Student Resources". 

For additional information and forms, please visit the Health Services page of the district website by clicking Explore, then District, then Departments, then Health Services.

Should I keep my child home?
Please keep your child home if he/she is vomiting or has a fever. A fever is considered any temperature measured at 100.0 or above. A student must be fever-free for 24 hours without a fever-reducing medicine before returning to school.

A student diagnosed with strep throat must be on an antibiotic for a full 24 hours before returning to school.

To adhere to state & CDC guidelines regarding COVID 19:

  • Students who present to the health office with at least TWO of the following symptoms will be excluded from school

    • Fever of 100.0 or above. Students with fever alone are excluded for 24 hours until fever free without fever reducing medication

    • Chills

    • Rigors (shivers)

    • Muscle aches

    • Headache

    • Sore throat

    • Nausea or vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Fatigue

    • Congestion

    • Runny nose

    • Cough

  • Students who present with any ONE of the following symptoms will be excluded from school and referred to a healthcare provider for evaluation on whether testing is needed. A physician’s note will be requested for return to school:

    • Shortness of breath

    • Difficulty breathing

    • New loss of smell

    • New loss of taste

Students who test positive for COVID-19 and show signs or symptoms of COVID-19 must remain home for at least 10 days after symptoms onset and at least 24 hours have passed after resolution of fever without fever reducing medications and improvement in symptoms.

Students who test positive for COVID-19, but who are asymptomatic (do not show signs or symptoms) must stay home for 10 days from the positive test result.

Please always report your child's absence through Parent Portal or by calling the attendance line.

What do I need to do so that my child can take their over-the-counter or prescription medications during the day?
Students who need to take over-the-counter or prescription medications during the school day must do so at the nurse's office and those medications must be held in the nurse's office. Students are never permitted to keep any over-the-counter or prescription medication on their person or in their backpacks or lockers. If your child will need to take an over-the-counter or prescription medication during the school day, please contact our school nurse to coordinate. The form can be downloaded by visiting the Health Services page of the district website.


What is Creative Problem Solving (CPS)?
Creative Problem Solving is an extension of our math program. Students will have Spanish for one half of the year and CPS the other half of the year. In 6th grade, during this period of the day, students will have Character Education one day per week for the full year and CPS one day per week for the full year. During the remaining three days of the week, students will have CPS for one half of the year and Spanish for the other half of the year. Sound kind of confusing? That's because it is. But don't worry, the 6th grade team is amazing and will guide the students to where they need to go until they understand the schedule. For more information, see the following questions found below "Why don't I see CPS or Spanish in my schedule or in gradebook?" and "What's the deal with the 6th grade CPS/Spanish/Character Ed rotation?"

What do the different grade codes mean in my gradebook on the portal?
In place of standard number grades, sometimes your teacher may use a different code for different situations. Here is a summary of the codes you might see for an assignment:

Missing (MIS) - Indicates work that was not handed in. Calculated as 0

Excused (EXC) - Indicates student was not required to submit work for any reason. Assignment has no impact on overall average.

Medical Excuse (MED) - Indicates student had a medical reason for not completing the assignment. Assignment has no impact on overall average.

Absent (ABS) - Indicates student was absent. This is a temporary code that will later be replaced either by a grade when the work is submitted or by one of the other codes as applicable.

Complete/Incomplete - May be used as a grade type for an assignment for all students or a teacher may use it for any other type of assignment as well. When used for an assignment that is not setup to be complete/incomplete, the use of incomplete is meant to be a temporary grade since incomplete suggest something more or that a change is expected. In this type of situation, it is typically replaced before the end of the marking period with a grade or one of the other codes. An incomplete will calculate as a 58 and a complete will calculate as a 100.

Check, Check+, and Check

Check +


Check -





Calculated As:





What time does school start? What is the schedule?
For more details on this, please visit School Hours & Schedule.

How does homeroom work?
If you have language arts, social studies, math, or science first period, then your homeroom is your first period teacher and classmates.

If you have CPS and Spanish first period and are in 7th or 8th grade, then your homeroom for the duration of the year is the first period teacher and classmates that you are with during the first half of the year. If you are in 6th grade and also have Character Education first period, then your homeroom is your CPS class for the duration of the year.

If you have art, music, technology, health, or physical education, then your homeroom will be with whichever language arts, math, science, social studies, CPS, or Spanish teacher you have earliest in the day. For example, if you have physical education first period, art second period, and math third period, your homeroom is with your math teacher. 

During the yellow phase for those students participating remotely or the red phase when all students are remote, there is no official homeroom to attend. Rather, students are expected to open the Homeroom "Live Stream" at 7:50am and wait for the morning announcements to begin at approximately 7:56am. In the meantime student should open the Daily Bulletin and read the additional announcements that are in there. Once the live stream is over, students are to login to their first period Google Meet. Access the live stream announcements and daily bulletin at the following links:

Tip: Bookmark these links in the Bookmark Bar of your browser for easy access. If you just bookmark the Bulletin, you can use the link at the bottom of the bulletin to then access the Live Stream.

Why don't I see CPS or Spanish in my schedule or in gradebook?
Our district operates on trimesters while CPS and Spanish operate as half year courses. Unfortunately this doesn't play well with the software and despite our best efforts, we can't get the developer to fix the problem. The system forces us to assign CPS and Spanish to one of the three trimesters which is where that class reports it's final grades and the trimester in which that class will appear in gradebook and the schedule. First half of the year classes report their grades to the second trimester and second half of the year classes report their grades to the third trimester. Therefore in gradebook and your schedule, first half of the year classes will appear when you toggle to the second trimester and second half of the year classes will appear when you toggle to the third trimester. So... if it seems you have an empty period or are missing a class, use the settings, options, or dropdown menus to select the second or third trimester and you will likely then find CPS or Spanish. To watch a helpful video tutorial, CLICK HEREFor more information, see the following questions found above and below "What is Creative Problem Solving (CPS)?" and "What's the deal with the 6th grade CPS/Spanish/Character Ed rotation?"

What's the deal with the 6th grade CPS/Spanish/Character Ed rotation?
In the 6th grade, students receive Character Education once per week for the full year. During this same period of the day, students receive CPS four times per week for one half of the year and during the other half of the year they will receive Spanish three times per week and CPS once per week.

  • Students will have Character Education either on Tuesday or Friday.

  • During the half of the year that they have Spanish, they will have Spanish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and CPS on Tuesday or Friday on the day that they do not have Character Education. 

  • Throughout the year, the students' CPS class on Tuesday or Friday will be a combined class with the students in their half year CPS class along with the students who are taking CPS in the other half of the year.

Confused? Yeah, you're not the only one, but don't worry, after a week or so the students get a hang of it and the 6th grade team is great a guiding them through it. For more information, see the following questions found above "What is Creative Problem Solving (CPS)?" and "Why don't I see CPS or Spanish in my schedule or in gradebook?"

How are physical education, health, and cycle classes scheduled?
At Ryerson you will have physical education two out of three trimesters and health one trimester. Each trimester that you have physical education, you will have a different teacher. 

You will take art, music, and technology as your three cycle classes. During this period of the day, you will have one of these three classes each trimester so that by the the end of the year you will have taken each of the three cycle classes for one trimester each.

In the Red & Yellow Phase schedule, why are PhysEd & Cycles in the same block of time?
This is because in the Red & Yellow Phase schedules, you will have physical education or health (depending on the trimester) 2-3 days per week and your cycle class (art, music, or technology; again... depending on the trimester) the other 2-3 days per week. On white days you will attend either your physical education/health class or your cycle class and on blue days you will attend the other. To know which you attend on blue days and which you attend on white, days, look at your schedule and it will say blue or white days at the end of the name of the course.

You will attend your white and blue day classes as follows:


How will I know whether it is a Blue or White Day?
Not to worry. We will help you out by including whether it is a blue or white day in the daily bulletin and announcements.


I think I'm missing a course. I can't find Spanish or CPS in my Gradebook or Schedule.
You're not really missing it, it's just kind of hidden. These half year course will often only appear in Gradebook and your schedule in the trimester in which they report their final grade.

How do I initially signup for the Google Classrooms for my classes?
Each of your teachers has provided a convenient link that will sign you up for the classroom for the section of their class you are in. Simply follow these steps for each of your classes:

  1. Login in to the Parent or Student Portal

  2. Navigate to the Gradebook

  3. Click the first class in the list

  4. Click the arrow next to the assignment titled "Sign Up"

  5. Click the link that appears under the "Sign Up" title and description

  6. Be sure your njrps.org email is selected in the dialogue box that appears (much frustration stems from individuals being logged into personal email address rather than their njrps.org email and not knowing why it won't allow you access). Change to your njrps.org email address if necessary.

  7. Click "Join Class"

  8. Rinse and repeat for every class you are enrolled in.
    To watch a helpful video tutorial, CLICK HERE.

I've joined my Google Classrooms. Now what?
Watch this informative video created by Ringwood Teacher Ms. Romaro and then explore the additional topics below.

I've already signed up for my Google Classrooms the first time. How do I access them each day?
This is easily done by logging into your njrps.org account and then navigating to the Google Classroom Dashboard. To do this:

  1. Go to https://classroom.google.com/ or from most Google applications click the square of 9 dots in the top right corner:   

  2. Then click the classroom icon: 

  3. From here, you'll have access to all of the Google Classrooms you are currently enrolled in.

NOTE: If you do not see your classes, check to be sure you are in your njrps.org account by clicking the icon in the top right corner. If another email account is currently selected, click your njrps.org email account. If you do not see your njrps.org email account as an option, click "Add Another Account" and then login to your njrps.org account.

How do I access my child's Google Classrooms?
When parents/guardians are invited to Google Classroom, they do not have access to the classroom. Rather, it will set you up to receive email updates based on the preferences you set. For more information on email summaries see the below question, "What's the deal with Google Classroom Parent Email Summaries?"

What's the deal with Google Classroom Parent Email Summaries?
Since parents are unable to access Google Classrooms directly, instead you can receive a summary of your child's work and progress sent directly to your email. CLICK HERE to view a sample (Note: This image may initially look very small, but you can easily zoom in and scroll to view it better). 

I'm going to let Google take over from here... CLICK HERE for more information on what email summaries are, how to receive them, and how to adjust your settings. On the right hand side of that page is their own helpful FAQ for email summaries.

I'm new to the parent and student portal. How do I navigate them?
CLICK HERE to check out a helpful guide created by Ms. McKeever, one of Ryerson's language arts teachers and a parent in town with experience in the portal.

I need help with a username or password, logging in to one of my accounts, or with a device that the school has lent to me. Can someone help me?
Sure thing! To get helpful information about how the usernames and passwords are formulated, login to the Portal, click "Documents" from the left side menu, and then open "Student Usernames & Passwords Help Doc". If you still require assistance, please send a message to support@njrps.org and our IT Department will be happy to assist you.