Ryerson Art Spotlight – Mrs. Galligan

6th Grade Aboriginal Dot Paintings

Australian Aboriginal Art has been identified as the most exciting contemporary art form of the 20th Century. Students explored the Aboriginal Dot Paintings and used the examples discussed in class as inspiration to create their own dot paintings. Students were encouraged to use the elements of pattern, color, line and shape in their work. 
6th Grade:
Genna Caruso, Christyna Tkatchov, Dahlia Jorgenson, and Emily Jerla

7th Grade Delaunay Paintings
Students studied the work of painters Robert and Sonia Delaunay who believed that color could be used in the same way that a composer used notes to create harmonies of color.  Each student was to select a color scheme that they felt would enhance their perception of color while also including elements of line and shape like the Delaunay’s did in their work. 
7th Grade:
Chloe D'Angelo, Mia Sabatelli, Andrew Karpowicz, and Victor Pennetta

8th Grade One Point Perspective Drawings
Students explored the technical drawing skill of drawing in one-point perspective. Students practiced drawing in one-point perspective in three different ways before selecting one to complete for their final drawing. Students were encouraged to include various details and color in their final piece.
8th Grade:
Jack Ammirato, Amanda Scarpati, Lily Baione, and Lilly Kurzyna