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20Jun - PE/Heath Teachers unpack standards with Atlas

21-30 Jun - Units are designed by teachers

05Jul-18Jul - Units are reviewed

21Jul - Superintendent's Town Hall on Curricular Revisions -

22Jul- Letter with link to recording of the Town Hall and direct links to Sexual Health Units  -

25Jul- Presentation to the BOE on all new units

09Aug - Superintendent's Town Hall on Curricular Revisions, II  -

29Aug - Annual adoption of K-8 Curriculum - hold on CHPE units

07Sep - Letter from Dr. Bernice regarding the updated Comprehensive Health and Physical Education units and information about a Superintendent's Town Hall scheduled for Monday, 12Sep, at 7pm.

12Sep - Superintendent's Town Hall Recording -

14Sep - Letter and Instructions regarding "Opt-Out":

14Sep - Ringwood Board of Education Meeting

Information Resources:

NJDOE link to the "old" 2014 CHPE Standards:

NJDOE Link to the "new" 2020 CHPE Standards:

CDC Overview – What works: Sexual Health Education

National Association of School Nurses

Article on sexuality education and it’s leveling effects on bullying of LGBTQ+

A global comparison of sex ed: US, UK, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan – Terrific study of these varied international practices

"All of It" with Allison Stewart - Peggy Orenstein On 'Turning Red' And Girls' Puberty
The Pixar film, "Turning Red," sparked debate online over the "appropriate" way to discuss puberty and menstruation with young girls. Peggy Orenstein, gender issues expert and author of the book, Girls And Sex, joins for a conversation about helping kids understand the changes their bodies go through, and how euphemisms like "monthly visitor" and "Aunt Flo" can be damaging to internalize.